Sunday, January 01, 2006

Land Rover Discovery II Brake Change

My wife and I are big fans of the Discovery, the 04 being the last of the old school Land Rovers available in the US. I suspect that is partly due to an unrealistic view of ourselves as being as likely to be off-road as on: this is definitely not the case since I got it stuck in Wharton State Forest with a full car of family members on her last birthday. In any case, at the last service, the dealership recommended brake pads on all four wheels at a price of 600 bucks, stating that the pads were worn to 30 percent, worse in the back than the front. I checked with Atlantic British (the dealer uses them for parts they can't get themselves) and OEM pads would cost around 100 bucks for the whole car. Realizing that its about an hours worth of work, the dealership price is clearly extortionate. As I found when I removed the wheels, its also predatory: the pads were barely worn 1/8 inch and the pads in back were in fact clearly less worn than the front!

In any case, here's a great link for how to change pads on the Discovery yourself. I recommend you do it and remember: the rotors can not be turned on the Discovery. If they are gouged or mic thin: replace them.


Anonymous said...

Greg the link did not work and I need it so badly. I have a2006 and I was quote 1400 for back and front bakes and roaters (spell). My boyfriend changes his all the time and has offer to do mine, but I want to provide him with some ref information...can you please send to

Clash said...

Greg. I am th elady who did the 1st posting. I had a tyoing error. I have a 2003 not a 2006. the link you provided dud not work and it would be a great help if you could e-mail to me

Greg Pavlik said...

I will check for another link, but no guarantees. If your boyfriend already does brakes, he won't need it: the job is dirt simple on the Disco. He can also get help by calling Atlantic British (btw, last time I checked, an upgraded set of rotors and pads was available for less than 400 bucks: the mechanic you talked to is ripping you off). You can probably go cheaper with OEM parts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg. Im very glad i stumbled upon your blog. I have a '95 Discovery and am in dire need of a brakes and rotors change. Would your brake change info apply to disco I's as well? []

Brian said...

We are replacing the brakes on our DiscoII. Could you forward or repost the link for changing the brakes?
bwineland AT gmail DOT com

Greg Pavlik said...

The link from my original post is dead. I will try to find another description: in the meantime, I suggest you call British Atlantic/Rover Parts and ask them for help.

bmw brake rotors said...

im in need of a brakes and rotors change. I needed a diy pad change There is no special trick to changing your rear brake pads. You remove the wheel, unscrew the caliper from the slide frame, pull off and retract the caliper, clean it all up, fit the pads and reassemble.

You can buy a day's subscription to Land Rover's official site at if you want more detail, but that's all there is to it.