Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Moorestown Running Company

In the software business many people know Bob Bickel, who helped build up Bluestone Software through an IPO and sale to HP. After that, he ran HP's middleware business and then went on to build out JBoss (the company), which he in turn helped sell off to Red Hat. Pretty amazing guy.

I've had several people ask what Bob's up to these days. I had a chance to stop by his latest venture, the Moorestown Running Company. The store specializes in running gear and does a full fitting program to get runners paired up with the right shoes. Turns out that I am suffering from some moderate to serious pronation, and the folks at MRC were able to get me fitted with shoes with extra support. They feel great and I feel like I've lost another excuse not to exercise.

Moorestown is the tech center of the east coast (we like to think so anyway), stop by for a pair of sneakers on your next visit to the area.

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Sacha Labourey said...

So, I flew from Switzerland to Moorestown a few weeks back and bought some shoes at the MRC. And guess what: I tried them for the first time this Sunday!

A few things to know:

- Last time I ran or did any sport-related activity (outside of getting up to restart my wifi router) was probably 2 years ago

- It was a cold day (-4°c, -25°F) and went running at 7h30am (yes, a Sunday)

- these are magical shoes, I felt like I was flying above the ground (except I need to loose 10 kilograms or so to really feel like I am "flying"...)

Bottom line: if you want shoes that will make you fly, the Moorestown Running Company has that in store. What's more, they'll make the non-runner run again. My wife calls that a miracle (in fact, to be accurate, she called me "silly")