Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rich Friedman blog found

The funny thing about blogs is that you just kind of discover them by accident. Suddenly, you find your friends are out there publishing away and you have to catch up on everything. I am the worst when it comes to keeping up relationships in real life, so there's a bittersweet element of that discovery to me. I should be finding out about what people are up to by conversation, but these days work gets the best of me. Anyway, I just found out that Rich Friedman is blogging. Rich was a middleware programmer for Bluestone, then technical lead for our acquisition strategy at Bluestone, then chief technologist at HP middleware, making sure that partners and customers understood what we were doing over there. Now he's responsible for middleware systems management at Red Hat.

At some point, we need to organize a feed of ex-Bluestone bloggers....

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Anonymous said...

Hi greg,

I used to work for Bluestone Software in the ATG group. I do often try to look up the Bluestonites, I was browsing through an article in JUG and found your SOA presentation and through that your blog.