Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dave Ingham Blog Discovered

My friend Dave Ingham has moved from Arjuna to Microsoft. They seem to be syphoning up a bunch of folks from Newcastle to Redmond these days. We acquired Arjuna at Bluestone (before in turn being swallowed by HP) and I don't think at the time we realized what a stellar group of persons we were getting. My expectations were that we would leverage their expertise in transactions, but as Dave and Stuart Wheater proved, there was a much broader skill set amongst the team. Dave took over our messaging software and delivered the unfortunately named HPMS (the name was almost as bad as our servlet engine, HPIS) in record time. Looking around, as I see the percentage of the folks from Arjuna now driving companies and technologies, I'm continually amazed.

Dave, best of luck. You can follow his blog from here:

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Mark Little said...

Yeah, I always loved those names too! But my personal worst name of all time is still Total-e-Transactions! You Bluestone guys really knew how to name things ;-)